Barber Shop in The Alley

I’ve never got a hair cut while in Nelson, so I cant say if this barber shop is any good or not. But I will say that if I did need a hair cut and I was in Nelson, this is the place I would go without question. There is something about entering the shop through the alley and going bellow the street level that entices me. Maybe I’ll try them out next time I’m in town just to see.

I used these photos in my last youtube video. If your interested to see how I shot these photos give the video at the bottom of this post a watch.

Camera: Minolta 800si & AF 28mm 2.8
Film: Kodak Gold 200

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

If you like this video and you didn’t see part one, a link will come up for part 1 at the end of this video. 😉

Thanks for watching.

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