Minolta in Nelson Part 2

I uploaded the second part of my Minolta 800si / Nelson BC video yesterday. In the video I walked around a couple of my favourite parts of town and shot some photos on Kodak Gold 200 35mm film. I’m happy with how this video turned out, so I think it’s worth a watch.

The picture in this post is just a screen shot from the the video. I gotta remember to shoot an actual photo for these posts haha. Anyhow, give the video a watch and please share it with anyone you know who has an interest in film photography.

The following video was completely shot on a Sony Z-V1 and the Sony Vlogger Accessory grip (ACCVC).

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

One thought

  1. No wonder you love this town–it is awesome! That film is some kind of wonderful, too. Did you notice the guy with the beard watching you at the beginning of the video? You know he wanted in, big time! 😀

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