Last Weekend in Calgary

So I finally made it back to Calgary last weekend! It was a quick trip, two days and I had a lot to do. I can honestly say I did not waste a single moment of that trip. I was up in the morning and out the door and it was go, go, go till the evening. Sadly I didn’t get to see a bunch of people I would have liked to, but when your tight on time there isn’t much you can do about that.

The night before I headed back to Kelowna my friend Jeremey took me to the rooftop of his offices building. We nearly didn’t go because I think we were both tired, but am I ever glad we did. Night photos of Calgary always have such special wow factor to them, at least for me they do. The whole time I lived in Calgary my favourite subject was the city itself. I miss that, taking pictures of the city. Maybe I should start making my way back to my original city Vancouver and get cracking on some new photos there. It’s a good idea and I think I’ll do that 🙂

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