Summer Night Selfie

exif-data-rob-moses-canon-5d-mark-iii-ef-300mm-f2-8Not a proper selfie, but I did take this picture of myself :). I had been out shooting all night and thought before I packed it in I would jump in on a shot. To get the focus right, I propped my iPhone up on the 2X Extender I had with me with the “notes” app open for the white screen (as seen in the picture bellow). Once the phone was set, I ran back to my camera and auto focused on the phone and then set the lens to manual focus. I did a couple small adjustments, set the 10 second timer and ran back to my pre determined spot which was marked by my keys. I shot this photo about 4 or 5 times and it was easily the most fun I had all night!

Thanks for stopping by, Rob


Click photo to view in a larger size.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

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