Winter City

I shot this photo last Saturday, which is supposed to be the first day of winter. I can assure you that winter has been in full effect in the city of Calgary for quite sometime!

Anyhow, when I shot this photo I had zero intentions of using it for anything. At the time I was just location scouting for a future photo and took this picture with Canon point & shoot. Since I am on a little holiday out of town at the moment I was messing around with some pictures on my ipad. I rather liked the results I got with this shot, so I thought I’d share it here :). I’ll go back to this location another time and get a night shot with a proper camera.

Camera: Canon PowerShot A1100 IS – Setting (auto chosen by camera): 1/800 – f/4 – ISO 125

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

9 thoughts

    • Haha it was indeed cold! As for the HDR effect, I used an app called Snapseed and there are a few different options to get this effect. They also make the app for iPhone and android :). It is by far my favorite mobile photo editing app.

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