The Beautiful People

Ok so right after I took that picture of the wall in my last post I started walking up the street and this group of guys started yelling some stuff about taking a picture in Spanish. My Spanish I awful so I was’t exactly sure what they were saying, but as they started posing while they were walking I figured out very fast they wanted me to talk their picture!

The moment was amazing because it is not something that would happen here in Canada. These guys were so friendly and happy. I shot a few photos as they were walking and I thought that was going to be it. Then they all started posing right in front of the wall I had just take’n a picture of, perfect! These guys were the best and totally made my day.

The guys were all wearing “Jazmine’s Restaurant” shirts, so I am assuming they just got off of work. I totally meant to go to that restaurant because of this picture, but I just forgot to go. Next time I’m in town I will defiantly be stopping by though. If these guys are this happy after working all day, it’s must be a good place to work and that is good enough reason for me to visit the restaurant.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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