Nikon Legend

Nikon F5 Film SLR Camera 14mm f-2.8 prime Rob Moses Photography
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So I have decided to take it back to the old school and start shooting some film again. When I was shooting film back in the day I was mostly shooting with a Canon Rebel, not exactly the greatest camera, but it was good for me at the time. I figured this time around I’d get myself a proper film camera and see how it goes.

Lucky for me I was able to pick up this beautiful Nikon F5 locally for a pretty good price. This camera was the last (or 2nd to last depending on who you ask) professional film SLR Nikon made. One of the best parts about using this camera is I can use all my current Nikon lenses on it! So as it is right now I am all set and ready to rip. I’ll post some pictures from this camera as soon as I get some back.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

11 thoughts

  1. I struggle with the time involved in getting the film processed and getting it scanned and/or printed. Maybe in time… .
    My old gold Nikkormat is still in reasonable condition, as is my old Canon EOS 300. Just have some better Canion lenses now!
    The big challenge would be the old 5×5 Zeiss, hidden away but still working last time I checked!

    • GOLD Nikkormat you say? Wow, I never talked to anyone that actually had one of those gold cameras! Wicked :). Anyhow, yes I totally hear you on the waiting. I just did a shoot last night with the F5 and I have to admit I am not totally fired up right now because I know I won’t see the photos for so long. I have to send my film to Vancouver to get it professionally done right, so i’m probably looking at a good 2 to 3 weeks! I kind of wish I shot some digital too haha.

      • Haha.
        Now that’s the problem with film, though you have got me thinking about a couple of rolls of 120 through the Zeiss – just because I can.
        There are no labs close to where I live, and it’s been so long, I will have to find one.

      • Ah yes good ol 120! I need to shoot some of that too. I got a new fresh roll sitting here. Come to think of it I really better shoot that. It’s not so fresh anymore, I bought it about a year ago LOL. I also have that problem of no lab. I need to either ship mine to Vancouver or Winnipeg. 😦

  2. I still have my old Pentax SLR that I bought…years ago. I had it refurbished but it still doesn’t work right. I just cannot get rid of it, though….Looking forward to your film photos.

  3. Love using Nikon film gear. Although I do shoot with digital (my Nikon Df), my first true SLR was a Nikkormat FTn; I’ve also used a Nikon EM for star trails photography, and a Nikon F100 from time to time. And although my current film shooters are a Leica M3 (for 35mm) and a Rolleiflex Automat MX (for 120), I would still like to take a Nikon F “Red Dot” out for a spin or three someday. That would certainly be aces.

    • Do it up Chuck! That’s cool you got a DF, I love those and have always wanted one, but I got too many digital cameras as it is. I actually need to scale that back a bit. Anyhow, I hope you get out and shoot some film soon 🙂

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  5. One of my friends, and her husband, primarily shoot film as part of their professional photography business and for personal photography. They said it is a blast to shoot film again. They do some of their own processing. For larger prints, for the paying clients, they use a professional laboratory.

    I do shoot some film, but haven’t for awhile. I may have to take my SLR camera back out again. 🙂

    • Ya do it up David! It aint cheap though. I got a roll out in Winnipeg right now getting processed. There are no professional places here in Calgary, so getting one roll of film done up is a little costly. I’ll have to see how the outcome of this shoot was before I make a decision on how much film I am going to shoot.

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