Vlog: Calgary Event Awards

If you caught my post from a couple of weeks back (here), you know I was up for Best Photographer at the Calgary Event Awards. Instead of packing a camera along for the ride as I normally would, I decided I would shoot some video for my vlog instead. Watch the video and see how it all went down. It was a fun night and I hope to be back again soon!

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Note: If you haven’t noticed I have added a vlog page here (found on the main menu). I will add vlogs as I make them. I don’t have any set days that I will be posting them yet, but they should be once a week at the very least. If your into that sort of thing you can just subscribe to my youtube channel at YouTube.com/RobMoses.

12 thoughts

  1. Your response was hilarious! Congrats on being selected. Too bad they made the wrong choice 😉


  2. Nice to meet you, Rob. And Michelle. And Nathan. Getting nominated is very awesome, so congratulations on that (again) and better luck next year. The vlog was cool and amusing. I give it an 🥇!

  3. Love the vid! Hey, I’ve been nommed twice, and didn’t win. However, the party was great, the food delish and the wine exactly what I needed! Here’s to both of us, cheers!

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