Beautiful Port Townsend

Camera: Canon 6D & 70-200mm f/4 IS @ 200mm ~ Settings: f/18 – 1/200th – ISO 320

I shot this one from the ferry while pulling into Port Townsend, Washington. I am a big fan of old buildings and houses and Port Townsend has an abundance of both. The architecture alone is enough for me to fall in love with the place, but just about everything else there did it for me too :). Visit Port Townsend!

Thanks for stopping by, Rob



18 thoughts

  1. Great photo–as always!

    My in-laws live in Port Hadlock, across Port Townsend Bay from Port Townsend itself. I posted a photo last night that I took near their property.

    It’s a beautiful spot there!

  2. Yes, Port Townsend is a beautiful place and a great place to use my camera. I love living here but, as with most places that depend on the tourist trade, it is ideal for people of property and wealth. Very hard for myself and numerous others to get by here. Rental expenses high, cost of living very high and wages much lower than east of here. Even paradise has its share of problems.

    So visit often, but think twice before moving here. I suppose the same can be said of BC.

    Lovely shot of the side of downtown we locals seldom see.


    • Ya I hear that. I lived in Vancouver for most of my life and the cost of living is extremely high, especially for real estate. That is actually why we moved to Calgary. I like here, but winter is a bit ruff haha. Anyhow, PT is a wonderful place, but I don’t doubt it would be a little difficult to make a decent living there doing what I do. Anyhow, thanks for checking me out ;).

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