From The Tower

Last weekend I went for lunch at the Calgary Tower. It is a rather large tourist attraction with a revolving restaurant and look out deck (think the Space Needle). While I was up there I took this quick snap shot of the neighbouring buildings. If you look at the settings you can tell this shot was not really thought out in any way, as I had my settings set up for shooting photos inside the restaurant. If I was going to be taking my time and actually thought about shooting this photo I would have set my aperture at a much higher number (like f20) and would have turned my ISO back down. In any case, I still like the picture :).

Calgary Alberta Canada Downtown Big City - building buildings windowns glass winter flag steam urban - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Photographer-1Camera: Canon 6D & 24-105L @73mm ~ Settings: 1/3200 – f/5.6 – ISO 1000

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

14 thoughts

  1. Sometimes it’s best to simply enjoy the view and forget about photography! A difficult task. Nice shot nonetheless! I forgot there was a restaurant up there as it’s been quite some time since I’ve visited Calgary.

  2. Oh man, got the email about preordering the new Hasselblad H5d …
    Thought of you, LOL! Preorder price, $40k…can you believe it???
    It is a Hasselblad….sigh. ๐Ÿ™‚ hope everything is going fab for you guys! Spring’s a comin’!

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