When they see you

I like taking pictures of people on the street. I like it even more when right as I’m taking the picture the people look right at me haha. It was easy to see me coming when I was shooting these photos. I was shooting with a Canon 1DX which is a massive camera and hard not to notice. I wouldn’t normally shoot street photos with a huge camera like that.

I was in Seattle for my sons basketball tournament and the 1DX is my go to Basketball camera, so rather than pack multiple cameras I just figured I’d use the 1DX for everything. It’s a good camera for just about everything, but if your trying to keep a low profile this is not the camera to use. Anyhow, I like the pictures I got with it, so maybe I should use it for this kind of thing more often.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

10 thoughts

    • Interesting. I just took the picture because they were walking in front of me on the street. No real reason. I don’t really see where “creepy” comes into it. People walk on the street all the time and they will be in peoples pictures and videos multiple times a day in a big city like Seattle. You cant even tell who they are in that picture and they aren’t wearing anything inappropriate. I personally don’t see anything “creepy” about it. They are just two regular people walking down the street in Seattle.

  1. I am such a chicken! I get freaked out if I think people are looking at me with my camera, and hope like hell that they don’t come over and say, “Hey! Did you just take my picture?!”
    I laughed at your ‘massive camera’ comment. I grab my little Nikon CoolPix sometimes just to be as incognito as I can. I would make a terrible street photographer. 😆

  2. The guy in the Mariners baseball jersey isn’t quite sure about you, Rob, wondering if you’re for real with that huge camera you were using. But, then he could be reacting to the pedestrian signal. 🙂 🙂

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