And Then There Were 3

We piled 3 puppies and one mom dog into the car and set off for Vancouver Island. The plan was to drive to Vancouver, catch a ferry and land in Nanaimo, BC where we would meet the new owners of 2 of the puppies (Dora & Cliff). Then we would head off to Victoria with Juneau and the one puppy we were planning on keeping, “Tiger”.

The drop off of the puppies was difficult as it always was but that was to be expected. We got it done as fast as we could and hit the road to Victoria, a two dog family. All though letting those last two puppies go was difficult, I knew it was the only way. . . Or was it?

We were visiting family in Victoria and enjoying watching Juneau and Tiger adjust to their new twosome life as it were. Then we got the call. The lady that took Cliff said she wasn’t able to take care of him the way she had hoped! Wow, I did not expect that to happen. So rather than have her trying to re-home Cliff herself we gave her her money back and drove back up the Island to pick up Cliffy!

Picking up Cliff was such a good feeling. I was so happy to have him back with us because letting him go never felt right to me to begin with. It’s been nearly a week since this all happened and he is still with us. There is still a chance he may go to a new home, but the more he sticks around here the more it looks like he’s just going to stay with us (where he probably belongs).

We haven’t advertised Cliff for sale or anything, but who knows what’s going to happen. Some people know the story already so the word is out on Cliffy, but if he ends up staying here with us I’ll be just fine with that. Three dogs will surely be a lot of work, but I think it’d be well wroth the effort. So for now, we are a three dog family and little Cliffy is fitting in just perfect.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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  1. Oh, Rob–don’t let him go! That last photo is so darn cute. I think three is the magic number–I had three kids and now three cats. It’s crazy sometimes, but so much fun and little Tiger and Cliff are adorable.

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