Another Wonderful Christmas

Christmas 2021 was a beauty! We still got three puppies and some family dropped in to join in the festivities. Obviously my kids were up nice and early to open their Christmas gifts. I told them the night before not to wake me up before 7am (because I say up pretty late with the puppies). So at 6:49 I was being woken up lol. Nearly made it to 7, close enough ;).

The boys had seemed to really enjoy all the gifts they got this year. Two of their grandparents were over to watch the carnage, so that was nice. The gift opening actually lasted a little longer than normal I think. Probably because of Grandma and Grandpa, usually it’s just us. Anyhow, everyone seemed to have a nice time and the grand finally gift of the Playstation 5 was a big hit and I was happy to be able to sit back and take it all in.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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