Quiet View

I shot this photo from a quiet little path a by the ocean in Hadden Park. The view is of the West End in Vancouver, BC. I’m sure during the day there are loads of people around here, but at night it is pretty quiet. I love looking at the city at night and I find it even more interesting when you see lots of buildings full of life, yet from where you’re standing there is no one. I love being around people and that’s why I love the city, but in moments like these I can appricate the solitude.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

6 thoughts

  1. Back in the olden dqys, Rob, we used to dream of calm water for water skiing. We’d head “down the shore” to Barnegat Bay and if conditions were like they look in your photo, be skiing for hours. (Not at night, however!) Nice Picture, as usual. M :–)

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