Kelowna is Changing

There is a lot of building going on in Kelowna right now and the city is changing. As I walked down this block I couldn’t help but notice the contrast between this little old industrial building and the new condos going up behind it. I wonder how long this building will last? I guess time will tell.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

6 thoughts

  1. Similarly, we having a lot of construction going on. The new construction is primarily apartment/condo building that formerly housed small mom-and-pop stores that surrounded older neighborhoods. I guess you can call it gentrification or urban renewal. The only problem seems to be the lack of parking for the new buildings.

    • Yeah that’s what most of the buildings going up around here are too. Thankfully it seems that most of the buildings have or will have store/business spaces on the street level. As for parking, I never really had trouble parking around here, however I’ve only lived here a year and half a most of that has been Covid time, so I guess I don’t fully know what it’s normally like.

  2. OMG! Kelowna was such a picturesque place. It always seemed to me to be like a small city in a park.
    Now…. well the masses need to live somewhere. Interesting & poignant shot, Rob!

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