I Went for the Sky

I was sitting at my house doing some work on my computer. I have my computer set up near a window so I can see what’s happening in the sky. This window is facing west, so when I see a sunset coming on I usually know. Now it’s not always a sure thing, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t, but if I go out I’m always happy I did.

I shot these photos yesterday evening. One of those crazy colourful sunsets didn’t happen, but I was still happy I was out taking pictures. The sky got me out the door and I was thankful for that. I think I need to motivate myself to just get out no matter what’s happening in the sky more often. It’s cloudy and overcast out today, but I’m going to go shoot a few photos anyhow. I know no matter what’s going on with the weather I always enjoy myself when I got a camera in my hand and that’s good enough reason for me.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix LX100

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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