Penticton Japanese Garden

I was in Penticton yesterday just walking around taking pictures. I found this beautiful little Japanese garden. I love the colours of the trees and leaves in here. I was so happy to find this place yesterday because I didn’t feel like I had found any good pictures before I found this place.

All the shots here are pretty tight because I went to Penticton with one lens on my camera. The lens was a really old manual focus Nikon 85mm 1.8. I often go places with just one lens as I find it there’s less thinking that needs to happen before taking a picture. With one lens you got one choice so you just shoot, but when you got a bag full of lenses you gotta kinda consider them all before you shoot your photo. I definitely prefer walking around with just one lens.

Camera: Camera: Sony a7R & Nikon Nikkor-H 85mm f/1.8

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

6 thoughts

  1. I love vintage glass. I’ve been thinking about picking up some FD glass and adapter for my EOS R. I love the fall colors. Keep of the great work!

    Unfortunately early snow did a number on the aspens here in Colorado. Still managed to get a handful of shots before the colors turned too muddy, but I didn’t get anything as stunning.

    • Yes you should definitely get some Canon FD lenses. I have and have had many and they really wonderful for the price you pay. I got this Canon FD 100mm f/2.8 that is amazing, if you like 100mm that’s a good one. I’m going to make some videos soon about these old lenses, I’ll let you know when I’ve made one.

      Too bad about the early snow. We got an early snow too and a lot of the leaves fell, but thankfully they didn’t all fall as the snow didn’t last. I also didn’t get out too much. I’m going to go out again tomorrow and hopefully catch the tail end of the fall colours.

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