Spokane Nights

I love wandering the streets of Spokane at night looking for photos. Riverfront park is probably one of my favourite parts of the city. There are tons of great locations to shoot photos in a very condensed area. This view is one of my favourite of the city. I love locations where I can sit, enjoy an urban park by the water with the view of a beautiful city.

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Riverfront Carrousel Lights

exif-data-rob-moses-canon-6d-24-70mm-settingsI love the lights on the building! I always enjoy walking by this place when I’m kicking around Spokane. There is a great carrousel inside that building and the location is perfect. Right at the edge of the park connecting the city and as you can see, by the water! As you can imagine, it is a beautiful place for a night time stroll.

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Click photo to view in a larger size.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

A Seat By The Pond

This spot is a particular favourite of mine in Calgary. The pond is in Princes Island Park and is a nice place to grab a seat and relax. I think theses 2 people would agree that this is the place to be :).

Blog Couple Friends in Calgary YYC Skyline City Pond - Rob Moses PhotographyCamera: Canon 6D & 28mm 1.8 ~ Settings f/9 – 6 seconds – ISO 1600

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Flying High in Calgary

Yesterday afternoon I was out flying my drone at Princes Island Park in Calgary. Snapped this shot of the city from high above a little pond that goes around the park.

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DCIM100MEDIAShot with an IDJ Phantom 2 drone.

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Skyline Camera Phone

Calgary Canada HTC One Canon 7D Skyline reflection instagram Rob Moses Photography

I shot a photo of the Calgary skyline this summer from the East Village. While I was there I took my phone out shoot a Instagram picture. While taking that picture if thought a picture of my phone taking that picture might be cool haha. I’m a big fan of the BOKEH!, so I rather like this one :). The phone in the picture is a HTC One and the camera in the phone is a Canon 7D.

The picture on the right is the Instagram picture I took with my phone. 

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It has been brought to my attention (by “FreeRangeCow) that I did not post the picture of the city I took with my camera on my blog. You can see that picture on my Facebook Page by clicking HERE. Thank you FreeRangeCow ;).

HTC ONE Calgary Alberta Canada Famous city Skyline water reflection Bokeh balls - Rob Moses Photography Photographer - Canon 5D3 5Diii 7D 5D mark iii 50mm Camera: Canon 5D mark iii & 50mm 1.8 mark i ~ Settings: 1/20th – f/1.8 – ISO 2000

City Park View

I shot this picture from my favourite park in the city. It’s called Princes Island Park and it is right downtown in Calgary (well uptown really). In the winter time this pond is frozen and lit up for ice skating. I’ll go down there this winter and get some pictures of people skating. The thing I love about this park is you can walk around by the water and have a nice views of the city through the trees. It kind of has a Central Park(in NYC) feel, but miniature size on every level haha. In any case, I love this park an there are a lot of good pictures to be had. I’ll get down there this weekend and take some more pictures before all the leaves fall off the trees.

1 Princes Island inner famous city park Calgary Alberta Canada buildings reflection pond - Rob Moses Photography - PhotographerCamera: Canon 5D mark ii & 17-40L @30mm ~ Setting: 30 Seconds – f/16 – ISO 800

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