Upside Down

I have no idea what’s going on with this tiny upside down sculpture or whatever it is. I do like it though, I think it’s pretty cool how how it seems to just be balancing there. This is right in middle of the East Village in Calgary. That is one think I like about Calgary, they are always trying to incorporate some type of public art into the city.

Camera: Sony a7R & FE 70-200mm f/4

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

5 thoughts

  1. According to Google: “An upside-down church sculpture that stood in Calgary’s Ramsay neighbourhood for more than five years is being resurrected in East Village. Looking to beautify sections of East Village, the Calgary Municipal Land Corp. decided to bring it back on a temporary basis. It’ll be on loan to the CMLC for the next five years.” What cool art finds you have been posting. This is a fun one!

  2. The shot and sculpture both seem appropriate these days. My life feels upside down these days between the pandemic, the U.S. election and the winds of change. Fun shot that made me look twice.

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