End of the Sunset

Last night my wife was doing yoga, my kids were playing video games and my dog was laying around like a sac of potatoes. Since non of the above seamed very appealing to me I figured I’d grab Juneau and take her for a little stroll around the neighbourhood. A dog needs to walk after all. Of course I wasn’t going to leave the house without my camera, especially since there was a chance of a little sunset action.

When I walked out the door it was doubtful there would be any thing spectacular going on in the sky, but I figured we might as well waltz by the beach just incase. As we started walking up to the lake shore there was this one part of the sky that looked pretty good, but there wasn’t much time left. So Juneau and I picked up the pace to a light jog to get to the shoreline before the sunset got away on us. We made it just in time to catch the end of this beautiful sunset. It’s moments like these that I’m happy we bought a house near the beach.

Camera: Fujifilm X100s

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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