Boca De Tomatlan & Yelapa

A picture from Boca De Tomatlan, Mexico came up on my Instagram stories “memories” yesterday. Once that memory was in my head I had to go and look at some of the pictures I took there last year. I love looking back at these pictures because those trips down there are always so fun. My wife always makes a point for us to go one some little adventure some where new and I am so happy she dose that because we get to see these places we otherwise would not.

The first two pictures here are from Boca De Tomatlan. We caught a boat here that took us to this other little village called Yelapa and that is were the 3rd and 4th picture were taken. Sometime soon here I’ll do a proper post about that day with a series of pictures that tell more of a story. I only thought of doing that after I had got these pictures ready and was about to start writing this. I’ll get that together next week.

Camera: Sony RX100

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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