Canadian Reflection

It was kind of rainy one morning this past weekend in Kelowna and then the sun came out and it was beautiful. When I saw that shinning down on the wet street I had an idea. Find a big puddle and shoot some reflection shots. I would have preferred to shoot these photos with something a little wider than 50mm, but since I only got the one Fuji lens (35mm on a crop sensor = 50mm equivalent) that’s what I was going to be using. I made my way downtown and just started walking around looking at the ground like a homeless crack head looking for spare change and cigarette butts. Lucky for me I decided to cut through this parking lot and wa-la, I stumbled on this massive puddle.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T2 & 35mm f/2

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

11 thoughts

  1. Now that sounds like something I would do. I once drove around in the rain taking photos of potholes because someone asked me to. I got soaked by passing cars, but I did get some nice shots. Your reflection photos are gorgeous.

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