Board Ride with the Boys

My two sons and I were going to ride our bikes down to McDonalds for a treat (ice cream sundaes & coffee) when Joshua suggested we ride our skateboards. Cam also thought this was a great idea so off we went. We don’t usually ride our skateboards together when we go places so I think we were all having more fun then we expected.

Anyhow, I snapped a couple pictures along the way. Unfortunately I brought the camera incase I was going to get some awesome sunset picture and I just wasn’t thinking of taking pictures of the boys when I walked out the door. So with that in mind I grabbed my a7R and not my a7Rii. The auto focus on the original a7R isn’t that great and for riding around on skateboards it’s just kinda bad haha. We got a few keepers, but sadly a lot of missed shots that would have been wonderful had the auto focus hit. Next time I’m out the with boys I’ll be sure and grab the mark ii.

9 thoughts

  1. The 2nd photo at ground level showing the underside of the shoe was a striking photo! It would look great in a poster. I like how you protect your photos, is that automatic via an app?

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