Thunder Bird Motel

I was on my way out of Missoula Montana and I needed to fill up my gas tank. I stopped at a gas station across the street from this motel. The sign caught my eye right away and I knew I had to get a picture. I am sure that sign must look awesome at night! Next time I’m down in Missoula I am definitely going to make a point to get over there at night and shoot another photo of that awesome sign.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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  2. Thunder Bird’s the word!
    Very nostalgic for me. The car, the drive-in restaurant where they clipped your tray onto the window of the car. OMG! I could be as old as Missoula! 😳

      • We all get to have nostalgic pillars of memory, as we age. Here’s a big one about me, actually….. You will love it! It’s called “Resa and the Rock Star”. It’s based on a pic of me and Carmine Appice (We’re so young and gorgeous!) from 1988. It was on the first movie I ever designed the costumes for. He is/was a famous drummer. I hope you check it out! -Resa ❦

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