Tokie The Cat

Sony a7ii & 55mm 1.8

Sony a7ii & 55mm 1.8

This lovely little creature is my wife’s parents family cat. Her name is Tokie and the shenanigans she has caused over the years has been that of legend. To keep things as brief as possible I will tell you just one Tokie Tale.

Last summer while visiting, I was letting Tokie inside before I went to bed. I open the front door and call for her. Sure enough like a good cat she comes prancing up to the door. As Tokie is nonchalantly walking by, I kind of notice something by her face. I close the door and scurry over to her as she’s walking down the stairs. When I stop her to get a better look I see a scene that looks straight out of a cartoon. There it is, a little tail wiggling around!!! “TOKIE!” I got her trapped half way down the staircase at a corner turn and lunge forward to grab her. In true cartoon style she spits the little mouse out! LOL The next thing I know I am franticly shoeing away a cat and trying to save a mouse. The mouse lays on the floor for 2 or 3 seconds as Tokie makes a run for it, then BOING! The mouse is back up on all fours and dashing from one way to the next. As I try and keep him in the corner I call for back up (waking up more than a few people I’m sure). Once the calvary arrives we get the mouse in tupperware container and back out the front door to fight another day. That mouse had one hell of a story to tell and just by the fur of his neck he had the chance to tell it. πŸ™‚

Tokie the cat is a wild one to say the least, but I wouldn’t (and neither would she) have it any other way!

Thanks for stopping by, Rob


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