Kal Lake

I shot this photo over the holidays in Vernon BC, Canada. My family and I went for a little walk down some train tracks and came across this little beach area down a small cliff. I shot a quick picture with my phone to test out the location and I liked the results (see Instagram pic here) so I came back another night when the water was more still. The picture didn’t turn out exactly how I had imagined. I was hoping the sky would have a little less clouds so the sunset light would have made it across the whole sky. Ah well, maybe next time :).

Vernon BC Kal Lake glass sunset evening night overcast landscape - Rob Moses Photography - Seattle Calgary Vancouver - famous Kalamalka LakeCamera: Canon 5D mark ii & 24-85mm @ 35mm ~ Settings: 30 seconds – f/18 – ISO 400

You can also see a picture of the set up on my twitter here.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

21 thoughts

  1. amazing shot! i like the way the sunset looks like the sea and sky are splitting and the light from behind the veil is streaming through πŸ™‚

  2. Absolutely beautiful. You put up so many great shots that it’s hard to choose among them. But this has to be in the top 10 percent!

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