A Dark Night in Victoria

I was hanging out one night visiting with some family and around 10:30 everyone was off to bed. I was pretty tired, but I knew it was good opportunity for me to go out and shoot some photos. It was cold and snowy, so it wasn’t exactly a nice time to be out and about, but I knew if I didn’t just force myself out the door I would regret it. So off I went.

I always enjoy taking pictures at night. It’s a slower process and inevitably there are less people around, which in our current health crisis is just and added bonus. Anyhow, about the picture. I used to ride my skateboard around here a lot about 20 years ago haha. So I was very well aware of the area and what it had to offer. A lot has changed in Victoria in the last 20 years, but a spot with a nice view is still a spot with a nice view.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

2 thoughts

    • Yes it is. Well sort of. It’s more downtown and that area form the last post was in a neighbourhood called Oak Bay, which is part of Victoria. But ya same city and your right it’s beautiful. I haven been there in a while and being there again actually made me wish we had moved there instead of Kelowna. We were deciding between the two and sadly I think we chose the wrong city haha. Oh well, that’s life. Probably be outta here in 10 years anyhow. 😉

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