An Oak Bay Sunset

While I was visiting family in Victoria I had a lot of nice opportunities to walk around the shoreline of the and enjoy the views. This particular evening I wasn’t even planning on going out, but I saw the sunset happening and since my in-laws live across the street from the beach I ran out and shot a few photos.

This wasn’t one of those all encompassing every cloud is colourful type of sunsets, but it was beautiful non the less. I think they way the light was shining up the middle of frame and along the ocean is just perfect. I was also happy to see the geese swimming by. I actually had to run to get those geese in the frame. I was up on rock taking pictures and I saw them swimming by, so I ran down to the beach and started boogying down the shoreline to try and get into a position where I could get them to work with the photo. I’m glad I did because I think they really add to the image.

After I shot the sunset photo I walked down the shoreline a bit and took a picture in the other direction. All the people in these houses get to look at that view everyday, what a life. 😉

Oh and one more thing. Those mountains in the distance, that is Olympic National Park in Washington State. At night you can see the lights of the town of Port Angeles, WA. When I lived in Victoria (many moons ago) we could watch the 4th of July fireworks from Victoria.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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