Kodak Gold in The Park

Here are some of the photos from that last video I posted. This little park is so wonderful. I think the building is some type of cafe or something, I’ve never actually been in there. Come to think of it I should check that out sometime. I don’t often go to this park because they don’t allow dogs here and if I’m out for walk I almost surely have my dog with me.

So anyhow, about the photos. If you didn’t watch the video in my last post I’ll tell you a bit about these pictures. I shot all these photos with a Nikon L35AF point and shoot camera from the 1980’s.The camera has a 35mm f/2.8 lens that is just great. The film I used was Kodak Gold 200. I think the photos turned out nicely and the camera was a pleasant surprise in the quality of photos it produced.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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