Hello Moon

I was out for a little drive in my Westfalia van the other day shooting some photos. I drove down this road my wife and I took about a week before when we were picking up some new bumpers for my van (not on the van yet). On that first drive I really enjoyed the views from that side of the lake, so I knew I’d be back.

I didn’t have to drive far for this picture, but I did pass this spot and turn around twice haha. Anyhow, it’s not exactly a rest stop or anything here, it’s just a bit where you can pull off. I think it’s a great view from here and I’m sure other people stop here, but it’s definitely easy to miss. So incase you missed it, here ya go. 😉

Shot with a Sony a7R & Zeiss 24-70mm f/4

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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