MT. Baker Theatre

This is the Mt. Baker Theatre in Bellingham, Washington. I love cool old buildings like this!

Bellingham WA Washington MT Baker Theatre champion street usa fedex sky - Rob Moses Photography - Seattle Vancouver Calgary Photographer Native American PhotographersCamera: Canon 40D & 17-85mm @17 – Settings: 1/400th – f/8 – IS0 200

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

13 thoughts

  1. Hey Rob, thanks for bringing back great memories. I actually went to this theater several years ago with friends who live near Coupeville. It is an architectural gem inside and out.

  2. Interesting looking structure! I’ll have to do some research about it.
    Love the entire street scene here. From this small sample, I can imagine this place would be enjoyable to walk around.

    • Yes Bellingham is awesome Mike! If your ever in the PNW you should definitely make a stop there, it’s awesome! There is this one part of town called Fairhaven that you would love, lots of cool old buildings :).

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  4. Great shot! Bellingham is indeed a cool town, and I second the recommendation of Fairhaven.

    Somewhere I have some black-and-white 16mm film that I shot there many years ago . . .

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