A Rare Brick Wall

Brick buildings are somewhat rare here in Calgary, Canada. This is an extra random picture and I the only reason I even took it is because I just like brick for some reason haha. I wasn’t ever going to post it any where, but I thought I’d just toss it up here for the hell of it on a Saturday afternoon :).

IMGP4128Camera: Pentax K-5 & 50mm 1.7 – Settings: 1/50th – f/6.3 – ISO 200

Thanks for stopping by, Rob



  1. I’m right into brick walls at the moment as I just had to have one built or re-built in my apartment after it started collapsing during a bathroom renovation! the original was from the 1920s and now a new one built in the 21st century. How old is this one, I wonder?


    1. Oh geez! Sorry to hear about the crumble. Anyhow, I am not sure the age of this one, but I’m sure it is old as this is quite an old building. I go by here from time to time, so the next time I go by I’ll stop and find out and give you an update ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. We have brick everywhere in NZ. It’s hard to imagine what a city without brick walls/buildings would actually look like. Brick buildings are some of our favourite things to photograph and one of our favourite backdrops. There’s just something romantic and beautiful about brick.


    1. Thats great and I totally agree! If I understand correctly they didnt have a lot of the proper material around Calgary for making bricks, so they used a lot of wood and Sandstone over bricks. There are some old brick buildings here, just not a lot like in other cities. Another thing to mention is that there are barely any brick houses, which sucks! because those are by far my favorite kind.


  3. I wonder how many times they rearrange the windows. If i look at the photo at least two times.That’s the nice part of brick buildings you almost always can see what they have done with it. Nice photo.


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