PLEASE HELP! A question for YOU

*UPDATE: I decided to go with the 2nd option on this post and have changed my theme. Thank you to those of you that helped with your opinions ;).

I really like the front page of the theme I have for my blog. I like how you can choose from a number of different posts, magazine style. However I am not so wild about the pages once you click on them, because I find the pictures show up a little small. I have been thinking about switching to a theme that would show bigger pictures when you are visiting the post page.

Bellow I have screen some screen shots. The first one is my current blog post page and the other 2 are some examples of other themes that show bigger pictures. What do you guys think? Should I switch it themes or is the current one I am using good?

current page

current page

New example 1

New example 1

New example 2

New example 2

Thank you very much for your help! Rob



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