Misty Montana Mountains

I shot this photo real quick as I was taking pictures of my Westfalia this summer in Glacier National Park. I figured since I was surrounded by all this natural beauty it would be a shame to not get a straight up landscape shot. It was actually raining when I took this picture and a …

I've been posting some of my families van pictures here and there on another blog (wordpress.letsgowestfalia.com). I figure I might as well reblog some of the post here too. :)
On our first drive through Glacier National Park in Montana I was completely blown away! I had no idea how beautiful it was. When we passed this spot on the way down I knew I needed to make a stop there to get a shot of the mountain and the van. Since stopping would be […]
via My Westfalia Wallpaper from Glacier National Park —

Banff National Park

I shot this photo while heading up the Gondola in Banff National Park. The view from the Gondola ride is amazing and if you ever find your self in Banff it is definitely worth a look! Even if you’re not crazy about mountains, the views will not disappoint. Camera: Canon 5D mark iii & 24-70mm …

Snowy Landscape

Anytime I get out in the mountains for some photos it’s a good time. This day was particularly beautiful. The right combination of bright light and clean snow makes for a good landscape view. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Starry Aurora Borealis

I shot this one a little while back and never did anything with the picture. I was looking for something to post on Instagram and thought this shot wasn’t have half bad. The colorful sky always makes for an interesting look. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Lake Louise

My family and I took a trip out to Lake Louise this past weekend. The weather was a little spotty and strange. One moment it would be raining, the next sunny and next again sun and rain! It never started pouring really hard, so that was nice. I spotted this canoe with a large Canadian …

Sun Star

Whenever I make my way out to the mountains I am reminded of how beautiful this part of the country is. I shot this on a random little path I followed off the side of a road around Banff Alberta, Canada. These excursions can be a little difficult and cold, but the results are almost …

A Little Waterfall Action

Yesterday a friend of mine and I went on a little outing to try to get some landscape photos. We were planning to make our way a little closer to the mountains for a sunset, but the clouds were not co-operating and the sun ended up behind the clouds before we could make it to …