Two For One Dances

I was walking around New Westminster one night on the weekend taking pictures. As soon as I saw this bright neon sign from down the street I knew I had to get a shot. I crossed the street and found my composition. I shot a few photos that didn’t have any people in them and I knew right away that the photo would be much better if I had some people in the shot. So I hung out and waited for some people to come a long.

As I waited for the right people to walk in my photo I was able to dial in my settings perfectly. These two guys walked up and it looked like they were having a good night. The two men were talking and laughing and just as they got to where I wanted them in my photo the one guy put his arm around his friend and patted him on the shoulder. Perfect! I shot my photo and I couldn’t be any happier with how that went. What a moment in time. If only they could have the picture.

Funny enough I had no idea I was shooting photos in front of a strip club! LOL I only figured it out after I had shot my photos and was reviewing them to make sure they turned out they way I had hopped. It was at this time I read the sign “Two for one dances Sunday All night”. 🤣 I already really liked the photo but this just put it over the top and now I love it! Good times indeed haha.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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