The Good Times Have Rolled

Looks like this is the end of the road for this old beauty. I saw this old abandoned car parked in the drive way of a boarded up house I when I was out for a walk one day. The house is in a nice neighbourhood so I’m assuming someone bought it and it just sitting on it before they redevelop the property or something. Anyhow, I’m glad I got this picture before they hauled everything way and tore the house down.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

10 thoughts

  1. Be still my heart! This is the kind of ‘big fins’ car that I love! I hope you can keep an eye on it and see if someone takes on the restoration that would make this car a beauty again.

  2. That is a total waste of a Classic Car from the 50’s or 60’s. Not sure what year. I think it’s a Chrysler, but I’m not really sure on that. It could be restored back to it’s original look, if you had the money to do it. Would cost plenty! Still it’s a great memory from long ago, when cars were built like that.

  3. Hi Rob – Long time since the last visit. That’s a beauty of a car. Fully restored, it should fetch a decent price. One day I was the car auction channel on satellite, and they were selling one like this. If I remember correctly, it sold for around $250K. Presumably the former owner got a return on the restoration. I have a 1974 Ford Pinto sitting in my garage. I’ve been told it should fetch north of $10K in “as is” condition, may be more since it is pretty much the same when it rolled off the production line. I’ve seen beat-up Pintos up for auction (non-eBay) with a starting price of $4K.

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