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Lately I’ve been posting at odd times. Mid morning has probably been a trend for me lately as I haven’t been to keen to do my blogging at night like I used to. I’m not even sure it matters, but for some reason I can’t help but think I having it ready to go the night before and posted by 6am Pacific time is better. I guess consistency is probably the most important thing, but a consistent time has got to be a close second.

It’s about 10am right now here on the west coast and that’s a far cry from my old 6am post time. The way I see it is if someone is going to follow your blog and they visit their blogs at whatever time of day, they stop by yours to see what’s up, but if you just posting willy nilly at whatever time you please they cant incorporate that into their day. Well they can, but if the time your posting isn’t consistent with their blog visiting schedule they might not keep coming back. This may or may not be true, I really don’t know.

With all that said I am going to make more of a effort to schedule my posts for 6am PST. So I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning. 😉

Camera: Fujifilm x100s

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

4 thoughts

    • Yes there is truth to that! I have definitely stop posting for extended periods of time because I figured I’d better have it ready the night before. So that little rule I set for myself has probably done more bad than good to be honest haha. Maybe I just need to get over it.

  1. I have not been consistent in my posting either as my internet is sporadic. However, when reading posts I read them at a time that is convenient for me, not based on the time the writer posted them. I don’t think I would worry much about whether you make it at 6 am or 6 pm.

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