Joshua Hockey Kelowna

Joshua has been having an interesting year of hockey so far. Since we moved to Kelowna the hockey set up here is different from Calgary. First off we missed the “rep team” try outs (we moved here 3 weeks too late), so Joshua was forced to play house league. This means a lot of puck time for Joshua and he scores the maximum amount of goals allowed (3 goals) in a game every game. After he’s scored his goals he is forced to make plays for his teammates, so this is actually one good thing. I cant decided if this year is going to be good for him or not. Sure he’s getting a lot of puck time and more practice skating around kids, but it’s a lot slower of game then what he has been used to in Calgary. I just hope he’s still at the level he needs to be at next fall for the rep team tryouts.

Anyhow, all that stuff really doesn’t matter. Joshua loves the game and he’s having fun right now playing with his new team. I shot these photos at one of his games last weekend while we were at a tournament in Salmon Arm, BC. Joshua got the game MVP in this game with 3 goals and 6 assists.

I shot all these photos with a Sony a7R ii & Sony 70-200mm f4

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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