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Since I am starting over again from square one regarding getting my name out to Calgarians as a wedding photographer, I am looking to explore other options to try and fast track this process. When I started out in Vancouver, I took whatever weddings I could get and built my name up over the years. This process is great and word of mouth business is the best, but as I said, it takes YEARS!

Durring all my years as a wedding photographer I only ever took out one add in a magazine. It was a small 1/4th size add. With the add came an online add spaces on the magazines website. I found I got more leads off of the small website add then I did from the actual magazine it self. So with this experience I thought it might be good idea to skip the magazine adds all together and just get listed on the magazines sites.

After some research I found the website Wedding Wire. You make a little add and they put it on a number of magazines websites under their “vendor” section. You can make a free add but to get better page placement the adds start at $60. per month to $125. per month. I started building my add and profile and was ready to sign up, then I found that you have to sign up for a year subscription. So before I did that decided to do a little extra research on the company. After I read some reviews I found that a lot of people have had a lot of issues with the company and I found a lot of warnings to stay away. A number of people reported people leaving fake bad reviews of weddings they never shot. When they brought this up to wedding wire with proof they did not shoot said wedding (showing they where shooting another wedding on that date) wedding wire would refuse to take down the fake review unless a substantial payment was made to do so.

After reading all the bad reviews I have decided not to subscribe to wedding wire and am even considering deleting my free account (advice I read in a review). So bad to the drawing board of getting my name out there for the time being.

Thanks for Reading, Rob

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