Finding Inspiration

I haven’t been feeling very inspired to shoot photos in Kelowna these days. You can probably tell by the lack of Kelowna photos here on this blog. But I figured since I live here I better just force myself out the door and find inspiration or I’ll only take pictures when I go back to Vancouver or Calgary. I pushed myself out the door last night and shot this photo and I’m rather happy with it. Hopefully this will be the start too many more Kelowna photos to come.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

6 thoughts

  1. This is a nice one.

    My hometown seems to share the same lack of inspiration as Kelowna has, but then again I haven’t been home most of the summer either in traveling with the daughters. Here in COS, the place is transforming itself into a different kind of town. I hope that’s not the case with your town. Anyway …

    • Well travel sounds nice! I haven’t been doing that either :(. But yes actually Kelowna is changing very much! But I am happy about it and I encourage the change since the change is going in the direction I like (more like a proper city). With that said, I’m not from here so I have no attachment to the old ways. I find mostly the old timers in town are the ones who are complaining that this place is changing too much haha.

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