Sunset from the House

We had a lot of things going on around the house last night. As life was happening I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful sunset going down out in front of our house. Since the sunset was already in full swing I knew wouldn’t have enough time to get any where good to shoot more interesting photo, not to mention I’m trying not to leave the house much these days because of obvious reasons. I nearly didn’t even bother shooting a photo, but I just couldn’t let myself have this one pass me by with out taking a picture. So I grabbed my camera, opened the front window and shot this photo at what may have been the peak time of beauty for this amazing Kelowna sunset.


Camera: Fujifilm X100s

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

3 thoughts

  1. Beautiful photo. I’m glad I’m not the only one who opens the windows to take pictures. I’ve had to explain to at least one neighbor that I was not, in fact, taking shots of his house but was actually photographing the bird’s nest in the tree between our houses. Fortunately, it’s neighbor I get along with well.

    • Haha that is funny! Yes good thing you guys get along. I have actually never met the people that live across the street (moved here in Oct.). Hopefully they don’t think I’m taking pictures of their house lol.

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