Cancun Night

I shot this photo from the balcony of my hotel room in Cancun, Mexico this past winter. Most of the resorts were down the street and around the corner. This area had a more authentic feel to it, which I like. 🇲🇽 😀 Thanks for stopping by, Rob


How can you not love the beach! Shot this one down in Mexico this past winter. I still wouldn’t mind being there right about now haha. I need to get my self back on a beach asap. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Roomy Beach

A couple of posts back (here), I posted a picture of a public beach in Playa Del Carmen. It was packed! The contrast from that to this privet beach at the resort I was staying at is quite extreme. It wasn’t as nice of a day when I took this picture, but even on the nicest …

Mexican Sunset

Last week I was enjoying this beautiful view. It’s nice to be home, but I can’t stay I don’t miss this already! This shot is a 3 raw frame HDR. I shot one photo 2 stops under, one normal and one 2 stop over. I processed the HDR in Photomatix Pro 5. Thanks for stopping …

Vacation in Mexico

I just spent a week in Mexico with my family. My wife and two children arrived in Cancun a day before the rest of the family arrived. So we spend a night in a hotel in what seemed to be a little more local (less touristy) part of the city. The next day when other …