A Touch Darker in Portland

Street photography in Portland is great! The city is dense enough to have busy streets and the streets are beautiful. This is the perfect combination for getting good street shots, at least that’s what I think. I was just playing around in Lightroom last night editing some old photos. If you read this blog you …

Portland Vlogs

I took a trip down to Portland last weekend and shot a little video of my trip. I met up with an old friend of mine from Vancouver and my brother in-law. If I was on my own I probably would have daily vlogged the trip, but when your with friends you can’t just be …

TriMet to the Bridge

I had just walked across this bridge in Portland and saw the train coming up. One quick shot later and I had this picture. If I had a little more time to think I probably would have shot this with a slower shutter speed to show some movement in the train. I guess I’ll have …


The public transit in Portland, Oregon is great! I’m the type who prefers the train over driving, so the public transportation system in Portland is greatly appreciated by myself and other like minded people. Pictured here is TriMet train #235 making its way around the city. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Street Shot

Just quick street shot I took while walking around Portland, Oregon. Portland is a great place for street photography because there are a lot of people around wherever you go. The people are also cool looking for the most part, so that is always a plus too :). Thanks for stopping by, Rob