House Goals

I am sure I have said this before, but Spokane, Washington has some really wonderful houses! I saw this one while walking around the Browns Addition neighbourhood one summer day with my wife. Such a beautiful neighbourhood with so many nice houses. If your ever in the area be sure and take a stroll around …

Steam Plant

This amazing place is a wonderful restaurant in Spokane, Washington called Steam Plant. The name of the restaurant pretty much says it all. As you have probably guessed, the restaurant was originally a actual steam plant. I love when people take old factories and stuff and turn them into something new. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Buildings PDX

Random buildings in Portland, Oregon. I like pictures where the entire frame is filled with buildings. This one would have been better if there was a little wind to get that flag flying, oh well I still like the picture. ­čÖé

Portland’s Red Baron

I saw this kid burning around Portland on his (non-hovering) hoverboard. He looked like he was having quite the time! While he was waiting for the light to change he just kept spinning and moving back and forth. He was doing all of this while downing what looked to be a tasty Starbucks drink haha. …


The public transit in Portland, Oregon is great! I’m the type who prefers the train over driving, so the public transportation system in Portland is greatly appreciated by myself and other like minded people. Pictured here is TriMet train #235 making its way around the city. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Portland City Gym

While I was walking around the streets of Portland I handed my camera off to my son Joshua to take this picture of me. I was standing in front of an H&M store we just left. It just so happens that the sweater I am wearing is made by that very store┬á­čÖé Thanks for stopping …

City School

I love old schools like the one in this picture. It is a perfect example of what comes to my mind when I think of a big old elementary school. The location of this school is just wonderful. Having the Portland skyline as a backdrop to this beautiful old building makes for good picture. If …

Anytown USA

This is just some really country looking flower shop’s store front I was walking by in Port Townsend, WA one day. The idea of Anytown USA popped into my head when I saw the store, so I grabbed a quick shot. If I was going to be putting together a country cabin, this is a┬ástore …

Street Shot

Just quick street shot I took while walking around Portland, Oregon. Portland is a great place for street photography because there are a lot of people around wherever you go. The people are also cool looking for the most part, so that is always a plus too :). Thanks for stopping by, Rob  

Happy Cycling

I was walking down the street when I noticed the bright red fire truck heading my way. Then the bright and happy cyclist caught my eye. Like an old west gun slinger, I whipped my camera in front of my face and snapped this photo. People like this make the world a better place and …

Swinging Around

My boys just having a time for them selves at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, Washington :). It’s a nice little park they got there right in the middle of the town. From what I understand the park is the oldest town square in Washington State. Thanks for stopping by, Rob