This guy again

My buddy Aaron out here getting in front of the camera again for me. He’s good at that sort of thing. It’s always nice when your friends like having their picture taken, because I always want to take them. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Hanging on Granville Island

When I lived in Vancouver I used to hang out on Granville Island all the time. So of course when I go back to visit, Granville Island will likely be a stop for me. I just find it a nice place to hang out at. There are so many different spots to just sit and …

Scenes from the Path

I was taking a little walk along this path near Granville Island. On a sunny day these paths are wonderful and people watching and/or street photography are a good time. I snapped a some photos a long the way, here are a few of those pictures. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Better With a Person

I was walking around Granville Island when this beautiful art piece caught my eye. I stopped and shot a photo with this exact composition. Immediately after I shot the photo I thought to myself, “this picture would be a lot better if there was a person walking down the walkway”. So I stood there in …

A Beautiful Path

I have been going through some old pictures of mine on my external hard drive and I came across these 3 photos I shot for a HDR that I never made. I shot this right after I had finished shooting a wedding on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. You know you really love photography when …