Penticton Creek

I just happened to be walking by this creek at just the right time it seemed. I saw the spot where I took this picture from the corner of my eye while I was walking by with my family. I told my family to keep going and I would catch up and ran over to the creek. I shot a few photos and just as I was about leave I saw this girl walking onto the bridge. I quickly whipped my camera back up and snapped the photo. It was a lucky break that she came walking along with her dog, because the photo with an empty bridge is just not the same.

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Run In The Sun

Camera: Canon 6D & 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 200mm ~ Settings: f/2.8 – 1/250th – ISO 100

On my way home yesterday evening I made a quick stop to shoot a few photos. This girl ran right by me on the sidewalk before she looped around in front of my lens. I noticed right away that her dog was carrying a piece of wood in his mouth haha. I guess it would be a good thing to have if the opportunity to play came up :).

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Random Flares of Light

random sunset golden hour brick wall pipes sky famous light flare - Rob Moses PhotographyCamera: Canon 5D mark ii & Canon 24-85mm @24mm – Settings: 1/160th // f8 // ISO 100

Sometimes I get board and take random, meaningless pictures that have no business being taken. Like this one here haha. I grabbed my camera to do a couple test shots (with different lens) and the next thing I knew I was walking between these buildings where I saw some nice light shining through. There was really no picture to be had there, but I forced this one because I just liked the light at that moment. Oh, and I like shooting into the sun from time to time for the flare. 😀

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