Sunny Beach

I took this picture while I was down in Cancun Mexico last. This particular beach seemed to get a ton of sun and had some really beautiful blue water. The sand was nice, the people were cool and I loved it! I kinda wish I was there right now to be honest with you. ­čśÄ

RIU Hotel

When I was down in Cancun last I walked by this hotel many times. I like the way it looks, wide and simple. This place was right next to the hotel I was staying at, so one night I went over and shot this photo from a quarantined off staircase on an old mall. The …

Steam Plant

This amazing place is a wonderful restaurant in Spokane, Washington called Steam Plant. The name of the restaurant pretty much says it all. As you have probably guessed, the restaurant was originally a actual steam plant. I love when people take old factories and stuff and turn them into something new. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Girls Taking Pictures

I was out shooting some street shots one night in Banff Alberta, Canada. At this point I was taking a picture looking down the street to my right. When I turned I saw these 2 girls taking pictures down the other street, so I quickly snapped a photo of them before the kept on their …

A Few Cents On The Sign

This cool old spot is Browns Tavern┬áin Spokane, Washington. It’s a wonderful little place my wife and I stumbled upon one morning while walking around the historic Browns Addition neighbourhood. While talking to the lovely waitress who was serving us, I mentioned how I liked the sign. To my surprise, she told us the sign …