I just stubbled on this picture I took in the fall that never made it out the door. I actually like this picture, I just kind of forgot about it haha. I was just walking by and couldn’t help but notice the bright yellow tree peaking over the hill. I thought contrast of the bright …

Sunset End

I just caught the end of this sunset a few days ago on my way home from work. While I was driving I could see the amazing light shining on the buildings downtown. Unfortunately the traffic was moving slower than I would have liked and I wasn’t in a good area for a  decent shot. …

An Old Friend

This is a dear old friend of mine from back in the day! Her name is Geraldine and we used to kick around Vancouver together. Sadly we have both since moved on to different cities. As you probably know I am in Calgary and Geraldine is surprisingly not far off up in Edmonton! Anyhow, we …

Starry Aurora Borealis

I shot this one a little while back and never did anything with the picture. I was looking for something to post on Instagram and thought this shot wasn’t have half bad. The colorful sky always makes for an interesting look. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Colourful Night

I took the streets of the East Village last night. I ended up down by the river on St. Patricks Island to grab this shot of the Skipping Stone Bridge with a very colourful city in the background. The lights on the water look pretty cool too. Thanks for stopping by, Rob