Stray Cat

I bumped into this stray cat while walking around a random neighbourhood of Puerto Vallarta one day. This cat wasn’t exactly friendly, well he wasn’t not friendly, he just didn’t wander over to me or anything. As I tried to get picture of him he immediately decided to walk off. I kept trying to shoot photos of him as he was leaving and I think you can kind of see it in his face (in the 2nd picture) that he wasn’t to happy about the situation lol. I’m sure he’s laying on a stone path in front of someones house over looking the ocean right now, so I’m sure he got over it. 😉

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A Night Down This Street

I shot this photos while walking around Puerto Vallarta one night last week. I didn’t have any plan or specific idea of where I was going, but I just started walking around and looked for a good photo opportunity. I wasn’t even going to bother getting a shot of that church down the street, because I’m certain it has been shot to death. However, while I was walking down this street I took a look back and I thought it looked nice in the background. I really like this picture because it is so far off from the streets I see back home. The scene is wonderful and it is exactly how I remember it looking to me in real life.

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