So we got some family in town visiting from Edmonton and BC. My sister in-law brought her friend Aurora along. We were all hanging out talking yesterday and I thought I might as well get a picture of Aurora. We just stepped in front of my house and I shot the photos with natural light.

I used two cameras, the fist picture I took with my D800E and my Sigma 85mm 1.4. The 2nd shot I took with my Sony a7R with a old manual focus Nikon 50mm 1.8. I edited both photo quite differently, the first is more of what I always do and the second a little more of a dull/darker style. Anyhow, I like them both and it’s always nice to take pictures of a new face.

Thank you for stopping by, Rob

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exif data rob moses Canon 6D 70-200mmMy wife Michelle needed a head shot for something or other, so I took this picture of her yesterday. The lighting set up I used consisted of 3 Canon Speedlites. I had one 580EX ii to camera right shot into a white bounce umbrella, one 580EX ii to camera left shot into a smaller white bounce umbrella and one 580EX point down from above for a hair light.

Michelle Portrait Headshot head shot 70-200mm 6D Rob Moses Photography Calgary Vancouver Seattle Spokane Photographer WA BC Native American Tlingit Ojibaway famous un celebrity Canadian best off camera flash umbrella

Thanks for stopping by, Rob